7 Questions to Ask When Hiring A Court Reporter

7 Questions to Ask When Hiring A Court Reporter

Posted by Hand Court Reporting on Sep 27, 2017 11:35:26 AM

A court reporter serves a vital role in your litigation, and it's therefore important to choose one who is accurate, dependable and experienced.

Contacting a reputable court reporting agency is the best way to locate high-quality court reporters. But before making your final decision, here are seven key questions you should ask to ensure you receive an exceptional court reporter for your case:

1. How Experienced Is The Agency & Its Court Reporters?

Experience is a great indication of whether or not you'll want to work with a specific court reporting agency. If the agency has been around for many years, it's likely they've worked with veteran court reporters proficient in their jobs. The more experienced the court reporter, the more accurate and dependable they are likely to be.

2. Are The Reporters NCRA Members?

The National Court Reporters Association (NCRA) is an internationally recognized organization regarded as the premier educational and informational resource for court reporters, and the public. It's important you choose a court reporting agency that belongs to the NCRA, because it indicates a commitment to the highest standards and ethical best practices within the industry.

3. Is This A Full-Service Court Reporting Agency?

Hiring a full-service court reporting agency will help to ensure all your needs are met in a timely, efficient manner. Centralizing services streamlines case management, saves time and money, and prevents communication breakdowns that may occur when separate agencies handle the same case.

4. How Quickly Can A Court Reporter Be Scheduled?

You may be in a situation that demands a court reporter within only a few days. It's therefore worth asking how quickly the agency can provide you with one. Doing so will not only affect your scheduling, but give you invaluable peace of mind, too.

5. Can It Handle Out-Of-Town Depositions?

You may need to travel for a deposition. Some court reporting firms offer a nationwide network of court reporters it can utilize for out-of-town proceedings. If you know you have to travel for your case, it's imperative to find a court reporting agency that can provide these services.

6. Are Real-Time Court Reporting Services Provided?

Real-time court reporting services provide immediate access to depositions, hearings and court proceedings via a computer, as it is recorded. A firm offering these services may also provide draft transcripts to help with case preparation, even before the official transcript has been delivered.

7. When Will You Receive Your Transcript?

Court reporting agencies can typically tell you how long it'll take to receive your transcript before you commit to hiring them. Make sure the turn-around time is reasonable. Ask if they offer expedited transcripts, just in case. Be sure to also inquire about the price of both a regular and expedited transcript, so you can budget.

A reputable court reporting agency can provide you with an accurate, dependable and experienced court reporter for your case. Making sure you choose the right agency should therefore be a top priority.

Interested in hiring an accurate, dependable and experienced court reporter? Learn how Hand Court Reporting can help.

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